Sunday, March 23, 2008

Turnover for week beginning 03/24/08

21% turnover on the list this week.


Rob Hanna said...

Excellent work so far on this blog. I've quickly become a fan.

Was wondering if you'd considered the possible significance of your turnover statistic. It would seem to me that this number could rise near market turning points and provide relatively low readings in trending environments (especially uptrends?).

Not sure if you have this turnover ratio going back very far, but I believe it might be a good one to track going forward and could at some point help to provide valuable insights on leadership breadth and possible market turning points.

Rob Hanna

bhh said...


Thank you. Quantifiable Edges was a big inspiration for me so I appreciate the kind words. Those are great ideas that had not occurred to me. I only started tracking this list recently so I don’t have that much data yet but may go back and recompile some more historic data at some point. Depends on how long the bear sticks around.