Friday, April 25, 2008


Date: 04/25/2008
Open: $51.33
High: $52.73
Low: $50.31
Close: $52.07
Volume: 2,649,245
Advances: 80
Advances >=4%: 23
Daily Change: 2.16%
Dow: +0.33%
Nasdaq: -0.25%

S&P: +0.65%

The IBDIndex managed to play catch up today but not quite enough to finish positive on the week, lagging the broader indexes which were able to finish over last week's close. As I mentioned yesterday, I will pay close attention to the stock rotation as I rebalance the index this weekend, paying particular attention to specific sectors or industry groups that may be rotating into a leadership role. It may just turn out that this week was simply a well-deserved consolidation period, a spring break perhaps, for the majority of the list leaders.

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