Thursday, May 1, 2008


Date: 05/01/08
Open: $50.93
High: $52.00
Low: $49.07
Close: $50.82
Volume: 3,445,508
Advances: 53
Advances >=4%: 13
Declines >=4%: 11
Daily Change: 0.104%
Dow: +1.48%
Nasdaq: +2.81%
S&P: +1.71%

The IBD100 again lagged the broader indexes today. We have seen some signs of this recently so today's action is not without recent precedent. Last week, the IBD100 played catch up the day following a broader market rally and that may be the case tomorrow. The signs are becoming increasingly clear however that this rally is being driven by new leadership outside the current IBD100.


Jim said...

Thanks for displaying the IBD index in chart/graphical.

bhh said...

not a problem, i would have done it sooner but needed more data so it wasn't too pathetic looking. We will get a 50dma in the next week or so.