Thursday, June 19, 2008


Date: 06/19/08
Open: $56.47
High: $57.20
Low: $54.64
Close: $55.60
Volume: 2,856,372
Advances: 43
Advances>=4%: 4
Declines>=4% 18
Daily Change: -1.041%
Dow: +0.28%
Nasdaq: +1.33%
S&P: +0.38%


Woodshedder said...

I command you to up date this blog.

Seriously though, the IBD index has held up EXTREMELY well, given the overall market conditions, no?

Is it the oil and gas components, primarily that is keeping it up?

bhh said...

Hi Wood,
As you wish...

Yes, the list is very heavily weighted in oil and oil exploration companies now and that is responsible for how well it is holding up. It has held up well but if we have a quick sell-off in that space before we get some rotation into new leadership, I suspect it will get hit pretty hard.